Central to the subject of my paintings is the sentience of animals. I have focused primarily on animals that reside in and around the sea, because they possess a palpable quality of mystery and inspire reverence. I select pieces of wood that have already passed through human hands and spent time as part of a boat, dock, shed, or some other structure. Following its human manipulation and use, destiny has returned it to the water. The wind and waves have then turned it into a larger version of sea glass. I use a dichromatic palette to suggest the animal's spirit and to highlight the texture and subtle color variations in the wood. I also enjoy depicting animals whose markings mirror the cosmos.

In certain paintings, I add portals which represent the alternate dimensions of consciousness that these animals inhabit. In others, I reference cultural motifs that have sacred or mystical significance. On one hand, these motifs point to the mystical and infinite nature of the Universe, and on the other hand my employment of them raises questions about colonialism, exploitation and artistic appropriation. This dichotomy interests me because it exposes the tension between catastrophic human failing and the omnipresent grace of the cosmos in all its material manifestations.

Through my efforts, I hope to inspire awe and reverence for all living things, and to draw a connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm. I'd also like my work to be an exploration of the relationship between impermanence and the eternal that permeates all of life. Wish me luck.


When I travel, I am compelled to collect images that reflect the soul of a place.  I look for perspectives and subjects that express timelessness, the essence of geography which in turn dictates culture, or the wisdom of the weather.  I count myself lucky if I can preserve the momentary glimpses I get of the wilderness revealing it's spirit, which often pass in a flash.  The way the light reflects off the clouds and then the sea, the moment the raven pauses to survey my intentions, the way the mountains snuggle against one another from one magical point of reference.